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Well hello there!  I hate starting off each post lately with appologizing about not writing but hopefully I can start to get back into the swing of things as life is starting to normalize again.  Our little family has had so much sickness these last 4 months.  It’s really been the most challengning part of having 3 kids.  Poor Audrey had some mystery illness that had her throwing up almost daily for a couple months.  We did some tests to see if it was a parasite or UTI and when they came back negative I was almost sad.  I of course didn’t want her to have those things but they are easily treatable and we would know what was causing so many problems.  Strangely enough though, once we got back the results she stopped throwing up and hasn’t since.  Of course a week later and she had some other thing with a cough and fever and then an ear infection (the first one any of our kids has had).  But I think, knock on wood, that everyone is well!  Praise the Lord!  We’ll see how long it lasts.  I have never missed so much church in all my life.  The kids seemed to take turns every week having a fever on Saturday or Sunday so I had to stay home with them.  Our kids have always been relatively healthy, just getting runny noses etc, so this was really insane.  It seems that everyone has been dealing with a lot of illnesses this winter though.

I had a really busy Christmas season with selling my personalized ornaments.  My wonderful husband was so nice to help me with pretty much anything that wasn’t sewing.  I couldn’t have gotten it done sanely without him.  To thank him for all his help I gave him (and the kids) a surprise quick trip to CO for his birthday.  His birthday is right after Christmas so it always gets kind of mixed up in all the holiday stuff.  It was really fun to pull off but also a bit stressful with all the sickness.  I really didn’t know if we were going to have to cancel the trip but thankfully everyone was well enough to go and we had a great time.  I really wanted the kids to see snow, a mountain, and ride an airplane.  So we went to Colorado Springs, CO to go up Pikes Peak. There wasn’t a ton of snow everywhere but for two kids who have only ever seen central TX snow it was a lot!  They cried when we had to get back on the train down the mountain and leave all the snow.  We stayed in a beautiful hotel that had a gas fireplace and awesome views.  We had a bunny that lived next to our patio and also saw a mule deer and 2 coyotes.   The hotel was The Lodge at The Garden of the Gods.  Oh, and the kids did awesome on the 4 flights we took.

The thing that has kept me most busy and quiet around here from January on has been drawing digital illustrations.  Ken got me a Wacom stylus pad thingy last year but due to being pregnant which made me sick or tired, trying to get ready for the baby, and sewing items for my shop, I didn’t really get a chance to use it.  This year I got a fancy schmancy new Epson wide format printer so I can now FINALLY print my own art – and let me tell you, the quality is awesome.  I am so excited because now I have more control over how they look and can also experiment more because I won’t have to have stock just sitting in my house waiting to be sold.  I can draw something and list it and if it doesn’t sell I haven’t lost much.  And speaking of which, just today I listed most of the pieces of art I have been making.  I still have a few more that need some finally tweaks that’ll go up in the next few days.

Most of the prints can be personalized with a child’s name have different color options.  Some of the art can be given tell those close to you, ‘I love you’.  I am pretty excited about them and hope you like them too.  I am starting out with 8 x 10’s but hope to offer 5 x 7’s as well as 11 x 14’s very soon.

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