A little of this and that

Woah, I just had a mini heart attack.  I was at the store to buy some socks to make a couple more custom yaks and when I got up to the counter I realized that my wallet wasn’t in my purse.  I had just had it last night and couldn’t figure out where it would be.  I looked everywhere in the car and then when I got home but it was no where.  Thankfully, I checked the car one more time and it was hiding under the front of Audrey’s carseat where her feet hang off.  I think I took it away from her last night while I buckled her in since she was chewing on it.  Since it was dark I forgot about it and even today it blended in with the seat and I couldn’t see it.  I am so thankful I found it!  What a pain it would be to replace everything in it!

Now on to other things.  On my way to the store today I suddenly spied a Krispy Kreme store!  Where did that come from and how long has it been there?  I don’t even know if it is open yet but I am very excited.  I probably won’t eat there much but just knowing it is in town gives me comfort.  I have fond memories of just my dad and I going out to eat a donut or two all by ourselves.  I’d get a zebra donut (chocolate with white stripes drizzled on top) and he’d get chocolate.

Is anyone else afraid of taking a shower when there is lightning outside or is it just me?  I am always freaked out and avoid it if possible.  And if I happen to have to take one during a thunderstorm (like this morning) I keep picturing what it would feel like to have electricity shock my whole wet body.  So, I take them as fast as possible.  Crazy, I know.  But it has happened to people before.  So, better to be safe than sorry.  Do you have any fears that are a bit crazy?  I want to hear so I know I’m not alone.

I am going through all of our pictures which is very daunting to finally catch up on our photo books.  We got a free photo book from Snapfish a few years ago when the Oprah show was giving them for free.  And we decided to make a book of each year of our kids lives.  Well we made that one, but have yet to do any more.  So I have been collecting photos for the next 3 years of Josiah’s life and then I’ll do Audrey’s first year.  Snapfish has been good and has lots of discounts so we wait until we find the best one possible and then buy.  We have used them to make photo calendars for family and other photo books that show the kids and their artwork for Christmas presents.  It is great for grandparents since they typically don’t need anything.

As I was going through the photos I came across this one that is accidently funny.  It is from earlier this year.  Look how Josiah looks like he is holding his Papa like a little doll.  hee hee.

And finally, here is a video that shows a super cool and easy way to tie a knot for hand sewing.  I am loving it!

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