Things Are Looking Up

Praise the Lord, Josiah is finally doing better! We are still in the PICU but hear that we may get to move to another floor tomorrow. Today he got his feeding tube out and to eat real food for the first time. He ate macaroni and cheese and ice cream. Since then he has continued to eat other things also -the poor thing hadn’t eaten on his own since the 9th. He has gotten to take off the continuous flow of albuterol and is now only using a cannula for some extra oxygen. He gets a breathing treatment once every two hours, but if he does well with that then later today it’ll continue to be given to him with longer intervals in between.

The only tube still in him is one IV in his arm. Over the last couple days they had slowly been able to take out all the other numerous tubes. So, he finally got to see what was outside his room and take a walk around the PICU halls. Everyone was so excited to see him. The poor guy doesn’t remember any of the staff since he was given drugs to make him have amnesia up until a couple days ago but they certainly remember him and have been so loving and encouraging. I am so happy that we can show the nurses and respiratory therapists success from their hard work while many of them have been moved on to work on other very sick little kiddos and babies. Walking around the hall today was pretty tough with seeing those sweet kids and families who are also going through such a rough time. After talking with the nurses and others who have been helping us, we have heard how it can be such a tough job to be a part of. All of them love children and want to do everything they can to make them better, but sometimes the kids don’t get better. Or sometimes the kids that are in here are here because someone else hurt them. So, I am so thankful to all these hardworking men and women who don’t give up on their job, even when it is really hard.

I’m still not sure when we’ll get to go home, but the improvement today and yesterday is wonderful. It has been awhile since my first post so I wanted to share some encouraging news but I better get back to playing with Legos and card games and all the other fun stuff going on in here while we impatiently wait to go home.

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