Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls

My parents and grandma moved recently and they were getting rid of a lot of stuff as they packed.  My mom gave me a pile of “treasures” that belonged to my grandma.  I’ll be sharing some more of them later but today I wanted to show you the great book I got, Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls.

The book is a first edition from 1957.  (I did a quick search online and found another copy on ebay and what looked to be a newer print as well.)  I was a history minor in college and love old books.  They give such a great glimpse into the past.  Although this copy belonged to my grandma, my mom told me that she had the same book when she was a child.  She and her younger brother made most of what was in the book.

When you first open it up there there is a letter from Betty Crocker to the boys and girls telling them how cooking is an adventure and should be fun and easy.  There is also a page of 12 boys and girls who tested each recipe.  It is fun to see their pictures and a quote from each of them.  I am sure they were so excited to be in a book.

Most of the book is illustrated with great drawings but there are some fun photographs sprinkled in as well.  Look at the “stuffed pig” for the pigs in blankets recipe.  Those dancing hot dogs are really fun too!

This recipe for chocolate fudge soda caught my eye because my parents have been making these for us the last few years when we’d come for a visit.  I had never had anything like it before but the combination of the carbination with the chocolate is pretty good!  It is definitely a must to put a couple cherries and a straw in it as well.

Something else I thought was great was a page about dinner manners and etiquette.

It also talks about kitchen rules and manners.  There are recipes for tons of desserts, campfire cooking, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Plus, cooking terms, utensils, and how to measure exactly.  Definitely some really great things in there for a beginner.

My mom gave me the book since I have little kids who may want to use it.  I think they’ll really enjoy it one day.  And what fun for them to learn from the same book as their mimi.

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