You Betsy: Tippy Thai


It’s been too long since I’ve highlighted any of the great shops you can find on Etsy.

Today I thought I’d show you my diaper bag from Tippy Thai!  You can see it sitting on William’s changing pad in his room in the picture above.

Back when I first had Josiah I picked out a bag from Babies R Us. Although nothing amazing, it did the trick for my first two kids. It got pretty beat up though and when I found out I was expecting a third I decided since I wouldn’t be buying anything new for the baby I would buy myself a new bag.  I was so disappointed by the selection out there though. Everything looked cheap, way too girly (and I want my husband to be able to use it) or babyish or was way too expensive for my taste. So I started to broaden my search to look at all types of bags. I ended up purchasing this bag from Tippy Thai. I had actually bought the purse I use from her a couple years ago. I have been very happy with it and knew her work was excellent.diaper-bag

One of the great things about her bags is that she makes them especially for you, so you can customize them! You can choose from many color options so I asked her about making my bag gray on the outside and yellow on the inside.  She asked if I’d be interested in making it out of nylon instead of canvas so that it would be water resistant.  I wanted the look of canvas on the outside but thought that the nylon on the lining was a good idea.  I wasn’t sure if it’d be too much to ask for two different types of fabrics but she said it was no problem.  Tippy also said she’d sew in extra pockets to hold bottles on the inside of the bag for no extra charge since she knew I was going to use it as a diaper bag.  I was really impressed by her customer service and speed at which she replied to my questions.  It took 9 days for it to be made and shipped and then it arrived 3 days later – not bad since it was coming all the way from Thailand!

The craftsmanship of Tippy’s bags is wonderful.  They look completely professional.  There is no way I could sew a bag to look that good.   The size of the diaper bag is perfect for me.  It has plenty of pockets and room to shove all the stuff I carry around with an infant.  It has a nice long (removable) strap so I can hang it around my stroller’s handles.  I love that it is manly enough for my husband to use without feeling weird and I love that it does not look like a diaper bag so that when I am no longer needing it as one I can use it as a regular bag.  An added bonus is that I am supporting an artist who does great work!  It felt great to be paying the same as I would for a substandard bag from the big box stores and mine was made specifically for me.

My only complaint is that the “mustard yellow” fabric is actually more of a pumpkin orange. It doesn’t look bad so I didn’t worry about it- it’s just not what I was going for originally.  I don’t know if it is a translation thing or what.  I had seen some other comments in her feedback questioning the yellow but the way they described it I didn’t think it’d be a problem.  So, just know that if you are wanting yellow you might ask her about it first.

Please take a look at Tippy Thai even if you aren’t needing a diaper bag.  She has over 100 beautiful bags and purses in all colors.  I’m sure I’ll be going back to her again when I need my next bag or purse.

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