The Gift of Words

I saw this on Pinterest yesterday and it made me laugh.

This would be a really fun way to tell a friend happy birthday.  Each one of those cards are individual postcards sent by 25 friends to the birthday girl or guy.  Put them together like a puzzle and you get a fun message and lots of happy thoughts from all the friends on the back.  Jordan always comes up with the coolest ways to celebrate.  I want to do it myself at some point.  Maybe one of you will be the lucky recipient!

Speaking of mail, Giverslog has a series called happy mail. In it she is mailing all kinds of creative gifts that are 13 ounces or less.  How fun would it be to see one of those items sitting in your mailbox!

And finally I shared this before on my facebook page but I just love it so much I have to share it again.  These printable alphabet buntings have been used at both of my kids birthday parties.  (The first picture is from Josiah’s third birthday and the second is from Audrey’s first birthday.)  I just reused the Happy Birthday letters and then printed out a few extra letters for their names.  Can’t wait to pull them out and use them again.

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