The Birds and the Bees

Today is the first day of spring!  Hooray!  Thankfully though it has been acting spring-like for a while now.  Our spring doesn’t tend to last very long.  I think last year it started being 100 degrees in May and never looked back until months later.  So, I am going to enjoy the mild weather while I can.  We’ve also had a good amount of rain…it’s almost been Seattle-like which has been awesome.  Because of that, our yard (and the weeds) is saying thank you and growing and blooming.  We are also finding out which plants didn’t make it through last summer.  But that is another story.  I am going to do some posts on the plants we have that have survived these few years of drought.  But this blog isn’t just about gardening…even though it may seem like it from the last couple posts.  So on to today’s post is really about…the birds and the bees.



Our little family is going to be growing a bit bigger.  We are expecting baby #3 in late September or early October.  My due date is Sept. 27 but both of my other kids didn’t want to come out so I’m guessing October.  I went to the doctor today for the second time to do a first trimester screening and everything is looking good so far.  This pregnancy has been very different from the other two.  I expected to have awful “morning” (I put it in quotes because it was generally all day for me) sickness from about week 6 until sometime into the second trimester but it has never really happened.  I have my moments of not feeling well but nothing like before.  It has been such a blessing since I am now chasing two kids this time around.  Even on days that haven’t been as good I haven’t had to miss any obligations.  I have taken it easy since at night is usually when I feel kind of blah.  This has caused my blogging to suffer some and the amount of animals I’ve been able to make for the shop has been way down too.  But those are all things that can bounce back.

I can’t believe I’m already in the middle of week 12.  Because of my not being sick constantly it has made it feel like I’m not really pregnant or something.  So, today to see the sonogram was really great.  The baby wasn’t cooperating for the sonographer to get a good angle for the measurements so we got to watch the baby for a lot longer than I’m used to.  The baby was waving it’s little arms around and kicking it’s feet in the air.  It was so crazy to see it’s little skeleton and heart.  To see the profile of the face is so exciting and never gets old.  It really is all a miracle.  I’m lucky to go to a dr. where we do a sonogram pretty much every time I go.  They usually do 3D ones so you can really see the baby but I guess because this was purely a diagnostic test they didn’t do the extra stuff.  I’ll report back in 6 weeks when I return to show you an update with a fancier picture.

Since we have all the stuff from both of our kids we decided to keep the gender a surprise this time around.  It’ll be an extra fun reward after going through all the work of labor to find out if it is a boy or girl.  It was at this point in both previous pregnancies that we found out with a decent certainty what the gender was…and it was right both times.  So, it was funny not hearing a guess this go round.  It’s good to change things up though.

So, that’s the big news around here.  I’ve got lots of other things to post about so hopefully I can get myself in gear to get on here.

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