Baby Update: Week 27

Well, I went to the doctor on tuesday for my check up.  All continues to go really well.  I was at the tail end of week 27 (I’m now in week 28, the beginning of the third trimester! woohoo!).

I finally made it to the appointment with the photo cd!  So here are a couple pics of the baby just lounging in my womb.  Hopefully this means we will have a nice mellow third child!  One can hope right!  Thank goodness my wonderful husband was in town this time because I still would have walked out the door without that silly cd.  I held onto it the entire time I was at the doctor’s office for fear that I would forget to get the copies made.

The sonogram estimates that baby is already 3 pounds.  I was a bit stunned since the weekly email said the baby would be around 2.  My sonographer told me it was a normal weight though…but that I might have another big baby.  I have definitely been able to feel the added weight lately.  It is getting a bit harder to turn over in bed or bend down to pick things up.  And I still have 3 months left!

I have had trouble with my thyroid with all three pregnancies and with my last visit my thyroid was checked again.  I still have borderline hypothryroidism but not enough to need any interventioin which I am so happy about.  Hopefully it can stick it out a while longer and then start to recover after my body and hormones aren’t going quite as crazy.

I go back in 4 weeks to do the glucose test.  In the past I have always had to do the one hour one and passed it so I didn’t have to go back for the 3 hour one.  But now it seems they are just doing a 2 hour one instead.  So I get to go to the office at 7 am…blegh.

We finally took some pictures of me and my belly this evening.  This poor baby isn’t getting quite the attention the others did.  This is only the second time I have intentionally taken a shot of me pregnant this go round.  Josiah wanted to get in on the pictures too.  If you’re wondering where Audrey was she is standing behind us in a little pool swimming around naked.  We were outside to take the photos and when she saw the pool she jumped in and then proceeded to strip after getting her clothes all wet.  Josiah had jumped in with her but then wanted to get in the photo too so he ran inside, picked out some dry clothes and joined me.   He loves to love on the baby.  It is very cute.  It is also fun to think about how tall he is now with us taking these photos compared to when we took similar ones when Audrey was in my belly.

This is Josiah when he was 2 the month before Audrey was born.  My little boy is growing up!

This is the crazy girl (she is actually saying “cheeeese” in this photo) that kept splashing me while I took photos.  This is pre taking off her clothes.

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