Flamingo Personalized Ornament, Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornament, Family Ornament – Pink Flamingo



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***Attention!*** For all my amazing customers outside the UK, if you are considering purchasing an ornament from me I strongly urge you to do it sooner than later as once Black Friday hits the shipping times from the UK get very hard to predict…some past ornaments have taken 3-5 weeks once late November comes. Before that, it usually takes 7-10 days. The cheaper shipping also does not have tracking so once it leaves me I can’t tell where it is. I think the hold up happens in customs because so much is passing through. Thank you for supporting my business! ****

Want to give a personalized gift this Christmas? Do it with this personalized flamingo Christmas ornament. You can customize it to say anything you want…as long as it fits! (And I can get most anything to fit by changing font size or layout.)

A Nesting Spot original, this ornament is made of a soft light pink fleece. The tip of the flamingo’s beak has been hand-painted black and the black eyes are embroidery floss. The long dangly legs are made from pink cotton rope.

I will hand sew muslin onto the side of the flamingo using the thread color of your choice. The muslin will have the phrase of your choice printed onto it in black.

1. What color you want the thread around the muslin to be.
2. Which number font you want your phrase to be in. (See picture 5 for examples)
3. Please tell me the phrase you want printed on the swan. Please type all the words you want it to say. Remember, it doesn’t have to be baby’s first Christmas.

The ornament is approximately 8 in/20 cm from top to bottom of legs (5 in/13 cm from head to bottom of body) and 6 in/15 cm from head to tail. It hangs from a white and silver loop of string. The back of the ornament is like the front without the muslin added on. If you would like an additional message on the back you can add this listing to your cart.

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The ornament will be packaged in a muslin drawstring bag with my logo on it which makes it perfect for gift giving and storing it safely for years to come.


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