The Nesting Spot on Boom Boom Prints

The Nesting Spot on Boom Boom Prints

One thing I’ve meant to blog about for a while is that I am selling some of my prints on the site called Boom Boom Prints. It is a fairly new site where you can order different sized prints, canvases, onesies, phone cases, greeting cards, maternity shirts, bags, and wall clings with art printed on them from different independent artists. Some of the art can also be customized to match your nursery’s colors.  Boom Boom Prints takes care of all the printing and shipping and I get a portion of the sale. I have been doing it since they started in October but it is turning out to be really useful right now since I am unable to sell my own prints directly at the moment. I can’t sell my personalized prints there but if there is something else you’ve wanted but didn’t get around to getting or if you’d like it on a different medium then go check them out! There are a ton of talented artists on there to choose from.

I was also their featured artist back in June! Here is a room mood board made from one of my prints and here is where I was interviewed.

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