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out take 2

Okay, so it’s time for some new links!  As before, they are kind of random.  I like to keep you on your toes!

I am sure most of you know the art of Katie Daisy.  I just love it and have bought a few of her prints as gifts.  Here she writes a great post defending her business decisions.

Elise gives great advice about how to encourage fellow parents instead of warning them with “just you wait”.

I was a bit sad to see this news.  How could Cadbury change their recipe?  It’s my favorite Easter candy.

It’s good to slow down and enjoy the amazing things around us.  Here’s a free printable of the star-gazing events of 2015 so you don’t miss any!

Speaking of enjoying things.  It’s easy to forget to enjoy time with our spouse once kids get in the picture.  Rebekah is doing a date night in every month to try to be intentional about her relationship with her husband.

Here’s a great lesson we can learn from babies.

If you’ve ever been underwhelmed by airplane food, this may be why.

This just made me laugh.

I’ve always thought Bratz Dolls are so ugly.  Why can’t they be made to look like this from the start?  Such an amazing transformation.

And lastly, a friend posted this on Facebook.  Wow, just wow!

(I forgot to post any pre-leaf outtakes…the pictures at the top are what they were all like. heehee)



Christmas Card Picture Outtakes

I was planning on posting these last week but the flu made its way through our house and it never happened.  Thankfully, we all survived.  Three of the five of us had it fully although we are thinking that the other two had it a bit because they shared some minor symptoms without the fever.  It was also my birthday on the 29th while I was getting over the flu so that wasn’t very awesome but we made the best of it and I had a pretty sweet day filled with lots of love.  Now that life is getting back to normal I have time to write up a couple posts.

A while back I mentioned that when we took pictures of the kids for our Christmas card, that to make it work to get all three smiling AND standing near each other AND looking at us, we played a game of counting to three and then throwing leaves in the air.  So, we have lots of pictures of them actually in the process of throwing those leaves.  I really love some of those outtakes and promised to share some of them.  (And as a side note, when you start looking at the word outtake a lot it starts looking really weird and foreign.)

First, as a reminder, here is the picture we used for the card.  It is while we were counting to three and there was the anticipation of the throw, so they were all excited.

Christmas card photo

Now here are some of the fun ones.  I love the energy and joy shown in them.

out take

out take

out take

out take

Love, this last one! …the spin, the running, the smiles!  A sweet moment caught on camera.

We usually have to take hundreds of pictures to get one “good one” but there are often quite a few that are favorites even if they don’t make the cut.


Free Printable Butterfly Valentine’s Day Card

Free Printable Butterfly Valentines Day Card from The Nesting Spot

Today I thought I’d share a free printable with you all!  I created a simple little butterfly valentine with the cute saying, “You make my HEART FLUTTER”.  Get it?!  It’s not in your face obvious but the wings are made up of 2 hearts stuck together.

You can use any lollipop as the butterfly’s head and body.  I love blow pops so we went with those but Tootsie Pops don’t have the twisted wrapper hanging off the top so that is another good one to use.

After you cut out the shape of the wings, fold the butterfly in half so the wings are together.  That makes it very easy to cut the slits for the lollipop stick and also gives the wings some dimension.

Free Printable Valentine from The Nesting Spot

I designed them as simply as I could, and here’s why:

I tried to make it all as customizable as possible by not adding my own colors with ink so that you can do whatever you want. By printing it on different colored pieces of card stock you can stick to traditional Valentine’s colors or do the whole rainbow.

I also kept the font simple so that even new readers can read them, as opposed to using a pretty cursive.  I was trying to keep my 1st grader in mind and thought it’d be silly for someone his age to have to have help reading the valentine.

I also left a lot of blank space so that your child can go to town decorating it.  We just used crayons on these but of course markers, paint, and stickers would all be great.  We also used a little heart punch that Audrey got for Christmas since she had asked for lots of art supplies.  So any decorative punches would be fun.  We glued googly eyes onto the lollipop.  First, we used Elmer’s glue which was nice so that Audrey had full ownership of the project but some were falling off (she might not have used enough glue) so then I used hot glue.

Free Printable Valentine from The Nesting Spot

You can click here to download the butterflies.  I put 4 to a page to save on paper.

Printable Butterfly Valentine

Free Printable Valentine from The Nesting Spot

And last, but definitely the cutest, are a couple of the ones that Audrey worked on while I photographed the others.  I kept mine super simple but she went all out and made each one very different.  She also liked choosing different colored eyes for each one.  She really enjoyed getting to do each step herself, from cutting them all out, to coloring, glueing the eyes (with Elmer’s) and then putting the lollipops in the slits.

Free Printable Valentines from The Nesting Spot

I hope you like them!  If you use them I’d love to see how they turn out.  Please send me a link to where you post your versions on the web.

Baby Names of 2014

Custom Baby's First Christmas Personalied Ornament from The Nesting Spot

The last couple years I have made a list of the baby names that were on the ornaments I made from the year before.  I think it is fun to take a look to see what names are trending.  As I’ve said before this is not very scientific since a few of the ornaments were actually for older children and were back dated and some names are most likely nick names.  But I just put all the names on the list.  I got to do a lot of sibling names this year from repeat customers which was a lot of fun.  I also felt like I was seeing more unusual names this year, but I’ll have to go back and read previous lists to compare.  Here are the lists from 2012 and 2013.

Jack was the most used name in 2012 with 8.  In 2013, there was a 4 way tie with Henry, Jack, Jackson, and Oliver with 4 each.  This year’s winner is Henry with 7 (plus 2 spelled Henri).  Jack was second with 5.  So it looks like Henry is taking over now.  It wasn’t that many years ago that I when I heard the name Henry it just sounded like a stuffy old man to me but now I’m used to it being a cute child name.  There are lots of names that when I was first seeing them on little ones surprised me since they were still grandma and grandpa names to me. But now they have become fresh again and I enjoy seeing them used on little ones.  Funny how that works.

Click on the link below to see this year’s list.

Baby Names of 2014

What are your favorites?  See any surprises?

Psst…You can still order personalized ornaments from my shop…it doesn’t have to be right before Christmas.  I’ve still been making them after the New Year.  See all the options here.

Holiday Recap

The fall is always the busiest time of year for me so it makes it hard to post much about it while it is happening.  So today I thought I’d share a few photos of some of what we did during October to December.  Sorry it is all pictures of the kids, I am usually taking the photos and am bad about getting myself in them.  The kids are cuter any way.

Halloween Costumes

My plan was to get all three kids standing by their pumpkins in their costumes.   I can’t wait for the day when are all old enough to just smile and take a picture without drama.  Audrey’s costume was partially handmade.  Josiah’s was found on sale at Pottery Barn for $15.  I had planned on making one but after the cost of materials and then the added time of making it, it was a lot easier to just buy it.  Plus it glowed in the dark.  It was bit long so I shortened the legs (took off the bones first and then reapplied them…which ended up being way harder than I anticipated.)  William’s skunk costume was first worn by his brother when he was the same age (found it for a steal on ebay) so it was fun to see another one in it.  I love that little costume.  I’ll try to find a picture of big brother in it.

Group halloween costumes

Here was another attempt at a group shot.

little skunk costume

Family garden

We’ve talked about making a garden for years but because of time/budget/and a constant drought we have put it off.  My son is required to do a big project of his choosing  for school that can be about most anything so we decided to finally try our hand at a garden.  It has taken way longer than I’d hoped with us finally planting some seeds this last week…let’s see if anything can germinate in our now cold weather.  I will be doing a whole post on all we’ve done but just wanted to show a glimpse for now.

Christmas card photo

Here’s the photo we got for our Christmas card this year.  I thought it was going to turn out like the halloween photos because William hates being told he has to stand next to his siblings for a picture.  I have some pretty fun out takes.  It was all looking dark until I told them to grab some leaves and on the count of 3 throw them in the air.  The anticipation of it and now being a game made them all genuinely smile (when Josiah tries to smile for a picture he does like Chandler on Friends and his face looks crazy) and look at us while I was counting.  It was a Christmas miracle that we got a good shot within a few minutes of trying since it was cold and we usually end up having to try 2 separate times.  One day the whole family will all be able to get in a photo and still look at the camera, can’t wait!

The Nutcracker at the Austin Ballet

Oh look, here’s a picture with us adults in it too!  The kids asked about seeing The Nutcracker last year but by the time I looked into tickets all the affordable ones were gone.  So this year as soon as Fall came I grabbed some of the $15 tickets they had in the nosebleed section for the Austin Ballet.  Of course the way the theater is built there aren’t any bad seats.  We could see just fine.  The only real issue was literally all the people around us were really late and the theater becomes completely black once it starts so they were having a terrible time finding seats, walking back and forth tripping on people,  standing in front of us trying to look at their seats and tickets with other people’s phones, and even arguing with us that we were in the wrong seats (they were in the wrong row).  It looked like something out of a sitcom.  But once all those things got fixed we enjoyed the ballet.  The dancers did an amazing job and I’m happy any time we can introduce some culture into our children.

Seeing the Nutracker

This was before it started and we were trying to get them to smile.  They were not in the mood to be photographed so the first 10 shots are of grumpy faces. I don’t remember what we said to convince them to act like they were having fun.  I think part of why they weren’t as excited as I expected them to be was I later learned they thought it was just going to be a movie and didn’t understand they’d be seeing it live.

Santa gifts

The kids showing off some of their loot from Santa.  Audrey wanted a 3 wheel scooter and Josiah wanted it all (a house, phone, diamonds, 4 large lego sets) but was happy with the castle he got.

A ukulele from Santa

Once when Ken pulled out his guitar William went crazy for it so I knew he’d love having his own little version.  He calls his little ukelele “blue song”.  He LOVES all things music and sings, dances, beat boxes, drums, etc all day so it has been fun for him to have this to use as he sings and dances.

Christmas morning

There were lots of other things that happened that aren’t pictured.  We had lots of family come and stay with us in September, October, and November but we aren’t good at taking pictures while hanging out with people and some of the ones we emailed from family are too small to post on here.  We really enjoyed that time but it also allowed us to appreciate the mellow Christmas and New Years we had with just us since we were really tired by the time December came along.  For the first time maybe ever we were able to just stay home and enjoy rest and each other while Ken had off work for a week.  It also allowed us to slow down and reflect more on the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Looking at all the out takes of the Christmas card photos made me laugh so I’m gonna show a few of those in another post.  It’s a shame to never show any of the other ones that don’t get chosen.  They’re the ones with the most personality.

I’ll also be sharing more about our garden as well in the future.

How about you?  Are you able to get all your kids to look at the camera and make a natural smile?  Are you good at taking pictures of yourself with the kids?  


Show and Tell


Christmas Morning image by Ken Naquin

Here are 10 links I’ve been hoarding for a while with the intent to share random things I find around the web.  I have meant to post them long ago but the holiday rush kept me from getting to it.  Christmas and New Years are over but perhaps you still have a bit of down time before school or work starts up again next week.

I am really hoping to post a bit better this year so hopefully soon I can get a few more holiday photos up and share this year’s baby names from the ornaments I sold to see what is trending.

Fun fact: I actually don’t own/use a cell phone but here are some fun tricks to use for photography if you have a smart phone.

A memoir from Laura Ingalls Wilder is out.  We have listened to some of her Little House books with the kids on road trips and at bedtime.  It would be interesting to learn more about how it really was back then with the idyllic fiction taken away …or it might be sad and burst my bubble.

I think the Doll Friend Project is a great idea. “For every doll purchased from Phoebe and Egg, a doll will be given to a child in the foster care system.”

This abandoned french chateau looks amazing.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like once it is finished with the remodeling.

Embrace being different!  “I hate to break it to you, it would be a pretty boring world if we were all like you.”  Here’s a great reminder from the diverse country of Laos to be true to who God made you to be and not conform to everyone else.

Some of the links I found would have been better shared before Christmas but it’s never too late to finally learn how to tie the perfect bow every time!  I had never seen this technique before.

One of my friends, Brady Muckelroy, is an amazing professional solo bassist…yes, you read that right, a solo bassist.  In recent years he started building his own bass guitars by hand and has sold to Mike Huckabee among many others.  Here is a really great short video of his craftsmanship.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, this book looks like it could be a great resource. Every adoption experience is different but it has to be comforting to get some practical advice and encouragement from some other people who’ve already gone through it.

As you’re thinking through your career and life at the first of the year, here are 10 great lessons Joanna Goddard has learned in her career.  Even if you have learned them all, it is always good to be reminded.

And finally, here’s a good reminder to embrace the beauty you have in front of you and not chase what you think you need to make your house Pinterest perfect and go in debt.

Hope you all had some very wonderful holidays filled with lots of love and food and rest!

Thanks a Bunch!

racoon thank you

Sorry it has been quiet around here.  Just remember that when it is quiet here it means I am feverishly creating elsewhere.  I participate in only one local show a year and it is on December 6th here in San Marcos.  It is a small, curated show with all local makers of all different types of art/crafts.  I really enjoyed getting to be a part of it last year and am excited about it again this year.  The hard part though is that it comes at the busiest time of year for me and so not only do I have to keep up with the ornament orders pouring but need to make more items to sell at the event.

I haven’t sold any stuffed animals on here in a long time but have looked forward to the day when inspiration hit and I thought of some new guys to create.  It finally hit and so I have been sewing a bunch of characters to sell at the show.  I am debuting them there and then will hopefully start selling them here next year as well.  So far they are all one of a kind and have a lot of cute details.  I have made them out of fleece to make them super kid friendly and soft.  I’ll show you a couple sneak peaks.  I am also working on a desk calendar and some greeting cards.  I hope to get those listed in the shop very, very soon.




We’ve been dealing with lots of coughing in the house.  We had some breathing scares one night with Josiah but pumped him with meds and it helped.  His cough was still around after 3 weeks so we took him to the doctor and she thought he had mycoplasma which could lead to pneumonia so she prescribed some medication.  We certainly don’t want any of that since that was part of what he had when he went to the hospital last year.  All of the rest of us probably have it too since we are all coughing but our lungs seem to be able to handle it a little better.  All that to say that it has been a bit crazy around here.

We did have a lovely Thanksgiving though.  We have Ken’s mom and step dad in town this week and the kids are always excited to play with them.  In fact, we’ve had most of Ken’s family over at different times over the past couple months.  Everyone lives so far away so it’s been nice of them to make the big trip here.

Okay, now to the reason I started this post to begin with. Apparently, since I haven’t written on here in a while I can’t make myself stop talking.  I am so grateful for all of you that have supported my little business these last 5 years.  It is always so much fun to engage with people from around the world since I otherwise don’t get out as much as I used to with my three kiddos.  I love what I get to do and it is all because you are all so wonderful to work with.  So, as a small way to say thank you I have created a coupon code for 20% off your entire order for Black Friday only.

The code is:  URTHEBEST

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!  And those of you who aren’t in the United States, even though you weren’t celebrating this holiday, I am still so very thankful for you too!

And you know what, since I haven’t been on here I’ve neglected to do one of the things this site is probably intended for which is to actually show what I’m currently selling!  So, here are some of the ornaments that are available right now.  Remember that they can be personalized to say anything you want.  You can’t get that at your local big box store!  And those of you with names that you can never find on keychains or tiny license plates, this is the time to finally have your name on something!  And what better time to get it than when it is 20% off!

ornament grid

(This sale excludes my listings that are already reduced prices for buying multiple prints at a time, so if you are buying those please don’t use this coupon.)

Indian Elephant Stuffed Animal

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

The other animal I made as a baby gift over Labor Day weekend was this little elephant.  My husband’s cousin and wife are expecting their first little one (a boy) soon.  They actually live in India but are in the States visiting family right now and waiting to have baby boy.  So, when I heard they’d be coming I knew I wanted to give them something special to take back with them to India.  We didn’t want to give them anything too big since they’ll have to figure out how to pack it back but hopefully this little guy can squeeze into most places.

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

He is from Abby Glassenberg’s second book Stuffed Animals.  It is a great book if you are looking to learn how to construct stuffed animals, draft their patterns, or even just to follow her patterns to make some really cute little guys.  Another plush designer, Mignon Prider, made one herself but added beautiful embroidery to make it look Indian.  So that was my inspiration to try to do something similar but try to keep it as kid friendly as possible.  I made it all in fleece except for the cotton for the ears and the felt tail.  I took my time with the sewing not wanting to make any mistakes.  I had never sewn underbody gussets before but thankfully everything seemed to work the first time.  It was really invigorating to sew something new and complicated looking that came out so well.

Elephant from The Nesting Spot

I really like how the elephant looks without the tusks or mouth.  In fact, I was so excited to get to this point that I forgot I had sewn tusks and a mouth for it.  I was ready to sew on the blankets and call it a day.  If you wanted to you could leave it just like this and then everything would be machine sewn and strong.  I wanted to show you how it looks with and without the tusks so you can see that it is versatile and can be made just the way you want it.

I did make my ears slightly smaller than the pattern calls for since Indian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants.  I also used safety eyes to give my guy a more awake and happy look than the original.  Abby’s elephant has felt eyes and eye lids which make him look sleepy to me.

Elephant from The Nesting Spot

Elephant from The Nesting Spot

I love that little tail.

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot


elephant detail shot

1.  A close up of the blanket on the head  2. The blanket on his back.

I did a blanket stitch around the edges of both.  I have done blanket stitches many times but it is always a long time in between so I usually have to watch a tutorial online to remind me of the steps.  The interior designs I just made up as I went.  I wanted something pretty simple so started with the orange designs and then added the yellow and red.  They are not perfect because I just eyeballed them but I was happy with how they turned out.  I hand sewed the blankets around the edges to attach them to the elephant.  The thread is hidden by the blanket stitch and fluffiness of the fleece.

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

Finally, I added the tusks and mouth.  I wish I had a picture that showed the mouth better.  I like how the elephant looks with these final details but it was kind of a pain trying to figure out the right placement.  The tusks kept wanting to stick out at different angles.  That was probably the longest part of the process for me was sticking on the tusks.  And it being for a child I wanted to make sure they were sewn on tight but it was awkward at times making that happen without the stitches showing.

Indian Elephant from The Nesting Spot

We also gave them one of our favorite baby books, The Happiest Baby on the Block, as a more practical gift.  We have given so many copies of that thing.  But we have found it so helpful.  Thankfully they didn’t have a copy yet and actually have a collection of elephant items for baby, so it all worked well!

Have you bought and tried any patterns lately?  From a book or online?  What were your thoughts?  Got any favorites you’d like to share?

Tutorial: Easy DIY Zebra, Horse, or Unicorn Costume


DIY zebra costume tutorial

Every year for Halloween I try my best to make the biggest impact I can with the costumes for the least amount of work and money – it’s a necessity with 3 kids.  Some years I’ve found great deals on Ebay or at Goodwill and gotten a store bought costume (my littlest will wear his big brother’s skunk costume this year which was an awesome Ebay find).  Other years I’ve made key elements paired with some items we already had to make a really fun costume.  You can see the costumes I’ve made in the past here.

DIY Zebra Costume

This year my 4 year old daughter asked me to turn her into a zebra.  I had planned on finding a white hoodie and sweat pants to paint but wasn’t finding anything.  I ran into Walmart to see if they would happen to have some and instead found the perfect thing…someone else already did the work for me and made a fleece zebra sweat suit!  I am not a big fan of most animal prints and zebra print particularly can be hard on my eyes unless done in small doses but for actually dressing up to BE a zebra, it’s perfect!  Of course my daughter was content to just wear that to pretend to be a zebra but I knew we could do a bit more work and make it really cute.  And she was using a snake plush stuffed into the back of her pants as the tail…and that wasn’t gonna work long term.

DIY zebra costume from The Nesting Spot

A great thing about this costume is that by changing the color and making the mane longer it could easily become a horse costume.  And then if you make a horn and add that on top it can be a unicorn!


To make a zebra costume you’ll need:

Zebra hoodie and pants  I found mine at Walmart for about $13. If you can’t find ones already made you could find a white outfit and either paint black stripes or use black duct tape to put stripes on.

Comfortable black shoes

1/4 yard zebra pattern fleece

1/4 yard black fleece

Small amount of white fleece

Black thread

Hot glue gun

Safety pins

Cardboard…can be from cereal box or anything from your recycling can

1 sheet white card stock

Templates for head, ears, eyes, and muzzle

Zebra Template 1

Zebra Template 2


Cut everything out.

From the zebra fleece:

-2 ears facing opposite directions

-1 tail rectangle – 8″ x 3 1/2″

-2 faces, with one cut about an inch bigger all the way around so it can fold over to the back of the cardboard.  (It doesn’t have to be perfect, just eye ball it.  The edges will be hidden.)

From the black fleece:

-1 tail tip -5″ x 5″ piece

-1 mane -10″ x 20″ piece

-2 muzzles

-2 eyes facing opposite directions

From the white fleece:

-2 ears facing opposite directions

From cardboard:

-1 face

From card stock:

-2 ears cut a bit smaller than the fleece ones


Make the Ears

zebra ears inside out

Place one white piece and one zebra piece right sides together.  Stitch around, leaving the straight edge at the bottom open.  Repeat one more time for the other ear.  Clip the curves and the top of the ears seen in picture above.  Turn the ears right side out.

zebra ears

Cut out two ear pieces in card stock making them about a quarter inch smaller all the way around.  I had to cut a little extra off the bottom making it about 4 inches tall.  Place each piece inside the ear.  It will make the ear bend a bit and help it to stand up straight when worn.  After the card stock is in I put a big dot of hot glue at the bottom middle to press hold the sides together and give it that zebra ear shape.  I waited to do this until I was glueing the face together.

Make the Mane

Zebras’ manes are actually striped but I thought the black would be a nice contrast so it wouldn’t just blend in with all the other stripes.

zebra mane

Fold the large black rectangle in half (hot dog style as seen above) then fold it in half again.  Sew a line along the edge of the folded side.

zebra mane

On the side that was not sewn there will be a folded edge and two raw edges.  Cut the fold open so that there are four raw edges.  Then cut slits all the way down to make the hair.

Make the Tail

zebra tail pieces

Roll the small black fleece square onto itself.  Lay the zebra tail fleece rectangle right side up and put the rolled black square on top of it in the middle with the edges lined up.

zebra tail step 1

Fold the zebra fleece over the black fleece with right sides together.  It will make a little burrito.  Sew carefully along the long open edge and the side where the black fleece goes to the edge.  Make sure to not sew the black fleece in the long side, only the bottom edge where the two ends are.  Leave the other end open.

zebra tail step 2

Turn it right side out.  Cut slits in the black fleece to make the hair and shape it to come to a point if you like.

zebra tail step 3

Make the Face

zebra face materials

zebra face cardboard

I used cardboard from toy packaging but a cereal box would work great too.  Just something to help the face not flop down over the child’s eyes.  Bend the cardboard to make it rounded.

zebra face

Glue with hot glue the bigger zebra fleece onto the front of the face.  Glue the black muzzle and black eyes.

Note:  Please be careful with the hot glue!  I have been using hot glue forever but burned three of my fingers doing this and one of my thumbs has a big blister!

zebra face step 2

zebra face step 2

Cut slits around the fabric that is hanging past the cardboard.  You can see this in the pictures above.  This will make it easier to turn it over and glue it down on the back without lumps.  Use the hot glue to glue all those slits down on the back. Do the same thing with the muzzle.

finished back of zebra face

Glue the smaller zebra fleece on the back to cover up all the overhang on the back.  Glue the muzzle down on the back and trim the extra off.  This way if any of the bottom is showing it will still look nice.  (The picture above is of the back.)  This was also helpful because I was able to attach the head to the hoodie using safety pins to attach the fleece on the back.

Assembly Time!

Now that you have all the pieces you can choose how to assemble it.  I had thought about sewing the ears and mane on but decided to try just safety pinning them and it ended up working great.  Hot gluing is an option as well.  It depends on if you want to be able to use the clothes again for another purpose.

First, I put the hoodie on my daughter to see where the face should be on the hood.  Once I got that I used two large safety pins going through the hoodie and the back fleece of the face to hold it on.

Then I could play around with the ear placement.  I just played with it until I found a spot that looked natural.  At this point I also just had the hoodie sitting on my knee so that my daughter didn’t have to keep standing there and I could work it easier with all that maneuvering/pinning.  I used 3 safety pins per ear to make them stand up the way I wanted them to.  This took some trial and error but only took a few minutes.

I started the mane a little bit on the forehead of the zebra face and then followed the seam on the back of the hoodie.  I made my mane long enough to go onto the back a bit but if you’d like yours to end at the neck you could just make it shorter.  I put a safety pin through the hoodie and edge of the mane every few inches.  To keep the “bangs” of the mane attached to the face I ended up hand sewing them onto the face fleece since I figured a safety pin would show.

Lastly, pin the tail to the back of the pants.  I pinned mine just below the waistband.

simple zebra costume DIY zebra halloween costume

And that is it!  It looks like a lot when all written out step by step but it is actually pretty simple.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  And remember that fleece is very forgiving and hides lots of flaws.  I didn’t pin anything when cutting or sewing it and didn’t cut perfectly straight lines and you’d never know.

And just because she’s too cute I’ll add a couple more pictures.

DIY zebra costume DIY zebra costume

zebra out take
Ha, the donkey wanted to get a little taste of the zebra ear I think! Thought this was pretty funny.  Congrats for making it this far in the post.

And this tutorial is part of a Halloween Craft Tutorial Link Up with 12 other Halloween crafty ideas!  Thank you Alicia from Felt with Love Designs for organizing the link-up!

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Baa Baa Black Sheep

little lamb

Over Labor Day weekend I spent the evenings sewing two stuffed animals for two different babies.

The first one was for a sweet little girl that was born a few weeks ago.  She is the first girl in a household full of boys.  I had seen the free pattern for a little sheep recently by Abby Glassenberg for Sew Mama Sew and had pinned it on Pinterest to remember it for later.  (I have a bunch of great free patterns for stuffed animals pinned on there!)  I figured this could be a great time to try out the pattern.  It looked like a simple pattern that wouldn’t take too long but is also super adorable.

little lamb

I really enjoyed making this little lamb.  It was fun picking out the fabric and really making her my own.  The one that Abby made has embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth but I really wanted to use safety eyes.  And I just embroidered a little nose.  That is one of the great reasons to sew, you can customize things just the way you want them.  I also tied a ribbon around her neck to add some color.  I added a bell on the ribbon too which looks cute and is fun to hear ring but I told the mom that if she doesn’t want to hear it or worries that the ribbon is a choking hazard she can always just take it off and save it for when her daughter is older.

little lamb

little lamb sewing pattern lamb face

I hope the little one who received it will have fun playing and snuggling with her.

reading to little lamb reading to little lamb

little lamb

If you have never sewn an animal before this would be a great one to try.  It’s free,  so if you just completely fail (which I don’t imagine you would) you aren’t out money on the pattern.  There are good step by step instructions and photos which help you along the way.

Abby makes gorgeous patterns and in fact the other animal I made is one of  hers as well from her book Stuffed Animals.  I’ll show you that one next week.

And while we are talking about her patterns.  She just made one for Wild Olive.  It’s a free pattern for a flying squirrel and it is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while!  I definitely have to find a reason to make one soon.